Our Story

After watching Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball special, Fabiola was inspired to create her own group of Best Friends to motivate one another. Oprah introduced Maria Shriver as one of her Best Friends, and Fabiola realized she had her own Maria to lean on.

Our group of girlfriends needed an outlet to inspire and be inspired, so Maria and Fabiola set out to create a place where women could encourage one another and share the real story of their daily struggles. We reached out to our wonderful contributors – fellow LuckyBesties -- to share with us both the good and the bad of their daily lives. The most savvy and awesome ladies we know will tell us what’s really going on.

Our LuckyBesties bloggers will not only share what’s going on emotionally, but also tackle everything that is a part of their life, kids, dating, fashion, bullying, aging, meditation, divorce, food, technology and travel.

We ask you to become our LuckyBestie and share in our wonderful and sometimes chaotic journey. Will you be our LuckyBestie?