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When You Know Better...

“When You Know Better, You Do Better” - Maya Angelou

I had a very powerful moment a few months ago while readingA New Earthby Eckhart Tolle. The words that I read on page 220, “The collective disease of humanity is that people are so engrossed in what happens,” sunk in! I had been engrossed in all the “I screwed up” and “I’m not good enough” moments that happened in my twenties and early thirties. I didn’t know better, so I couldn’t do better.

In the past two decades, it never dawned on me that all the learning experiences that I considered “mistakes” or “I didn’t do well enough” in life made me a better person.  I took the payoff without acknowledging from where it had come. Now I see the payoffs had come from my “mistakes.” Experiences that I considered “not good enough” had turned into lessons learned.
The most wonderful gift that I have given myself is the weekly ritual where I sit still, by myself, and acknowledge “not good enough” moments and “mistakes.” I cry if I need to, forgive…

Life Is Full Of Pleasures: Cyndi's Top 10


Culture Crush Music Review: Amok By Atoms For Peace

Released February 25, 2013 (XL Recordings)
Reviewed by Lisa

When experimental or unusual music is discussed, often Thom Yorke’s name comes up. Although he and Radiohead have already made their unique mark on the world, Mr, Yorke has had more to say with solo projects like The Eraser (2006.) Now, via Atoms For Peace, Mr. Yorke’s inimitable vocals and sensibility are at the fore once again.
With the advent of Amok this week, we are treated to a lush meld of electronica and live instrumentation, featuring longtime Yorke collaborators, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist) and producer and keyboardist Nigel Godrich.  A meeting of deeply musical minds, Atoms For Peace also boasts the considerable talents of drummer Joey Waronker (Beck/R.E.M.) and noted Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco.
Compositions clock in around five minutes each, exploring the depth of the song, rather than adhering to a made-for-radio format. We would expect nothing less. “Before Your Very Eyes…” draws us from the b…

Interview With The Brilliant Writer, Director and Producer Victor Goss

I consider myself lucky… no pun intended, to have the chance to interview the very talented Victor Goss, writer, director and producer of THE APOCALYPSE… ACCORDING TO DORIS.  DORIS is a must see movie that was inspirational in so many ways. My takeaway was to always believe in your inner-guiding being no matter what others say, believe or don't believe.  Here’s how it all went down:
How would you describe DORIS the movie? I have described DORIS as a spiritually subversive love story celebrating the awakening of human consciousness, a new way of knowing, as told through a group of quirky characters struggling to make sense of increasingly common paranormal events that are ignored, denied, even ridiculed by our culture and the powers-that-be.
What was the most rewarding experience while filming DORIS? Taking a non-genre, non-commercial, counter-intuitive subject matter and bringing it to life through the magical talents of actors and other filmmaking artists and then having the oppor…

Ladies, put the shampoo down. No more daily washing your hair. I'm serious!

Ladies, put the shampoo down.  No more daily washing your hair. I'm serious!

One way to keep our hair shiny and in the best condition possible is to cut back on shampooing your hair.  When you shampoo, the natural oils your scalp produces to protect your hair cuticle gets stripped away.  When you shampoo daily, your scalp starts to overproduce oil to make up for it.  That is why I hear ladies say, " But my hair gets so oily by the next day!"  
It is a tough habit (yes, habit) to break, especially the first week.  But I promise, it really helps the health of your hair.  And for anyone who colors - your color will not fade as fast. So, what about us ladies who break a sweat daily?  Well, you have a few options – the first: Dry shampoo.  One of the best inventions EVER! You spray it on your roots where it is oily, let it sit for two minutes and then rub it in with your fingers or hair brush.  Truly a life saver when you want to refresh a hairstyle, mop up some sweat, or giv…

Glowing Skin in 30 seconds!

TV shows we love to watch! We’ve tried a new at home beauty treatment from Dr. Oz's show!
AT HOME BEAUTY TREATMENT Coffee Grounds and Olive Oil
Mix coffee grounds and olive oil Gently massage into face Rinse away after 30 seconds

According to Dr. Oz, the coffee has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while the olive oil acts as a moisturizer to keep your skin bright and soft.
Bestie Note:I tried it and loved it! The coffee grounds exfoliated and the olive oil really moisturized my skin.  I tried it during the winter when my skin is the most dry and it made my skin glow!  Make sure to use gloves to apply because the coffee grounds stain your fingers.

Social Media Sound Bites

With the help of social media, we’re able to get snapshots of many people’s lives. Based on those glimpses, we create opinions about people and the way they live.  We see people going out to dinner all the time, out and about town with friends, vacationing in exotic places and living a life that is occasionally envied. In a professional photo shoot, hundreds of pictures are taken before a great one is found.  We see one picture in magazines or the news, and we forget what it takes to set up that perfect picture, like hair, make-up, lighting and Photoshop!
In many ways, social media has created professional storytellers who capture our attention and make us believe that these posted photos and videos are what everyday life looks like.  These storytellers create “life sound bites” and give us a glimpse of all the great moments in their lives. Slide shows of the most perfect pictures are on display for us to wonder how in the hell they did it.
Are the rest of us doing something wrong? W…

Culture Crush Book Review: Distrust That Particular Flavor By William Gibson

Paperback published September 4, 2012

Reviewed by Lisa

My first experience with William Gibson was as an undergrad. Neuromancer was required reading for any postmodernist-contemporary lit class at that time. The fusion of technology and humanity wasn’t described as sci-fi by genre-phobic professors, but Neuromancer most certainly was.

Gibson has gone on to worldwide acclaim for his steady publishing. Distrust That Particular Flavor collects far-flung speeches, articles and other musings from the past 20 years or so into an engaging, coherent format.

Through the book, we readers become better traveled, more insightful and more knowledgeable about culture and technology. Maybe, we feel like our fingers are on the pulse. The reader can come away with quite the list of movies, music, authors and architecture, for subsequent consumption.

First written for, and published by, The Globe and Mail, “Mr. Buk’s Window” references 9/11, and this gripping chapter is sure to spur interest in Gibson’…

Middle School-err!

My oldest daughter is going to graduate from elementary school this May! It’s shocking to come to the realization that my two kids are going to be in two different schools this coming school year…AND that my daughter is going to be in middle school!  My son is going to be in fourth grade, what? This is another milestone that happened so fast and has hit me like a bigger ton of bricks than usual.  I worry about the speed of time doubling as we get closer to graduation day. “I remember it like it was yesterday,” are the only words that have been constant in my life since my first-born came to this world. In some ways, it is like yesterday, when we reached the first milestone because I have either been recovering from the milestone or just adjusting to it. Needless to say, before all the adjusting or recovering happens, new milestone occurs and another fleeting moment passes. The sad part about all of this, besides my hair starting to get grey and my once less-visible wrinkles have deep…

This one’s for the TWEEN GIRL Moms by Hillary

If you are a mom of a tween girl please make sure to pay attention, at all times, to their behavior.  They are growing at a rapid pace, which means their hormones are in high gear AND they are more attuned than ever, to the pressure to fit in and have friends. That means sometimes they make mistakes without you knowing. Recently, some of us fifth grade mamas have been dealing with what we all call the “Girl Drama” that begins right about this age.  No matter where you live, we all have this issue.  The girls start forming cliques or clubs and leaving others out.  They start to be snarky about what others are wearing or with whom they are hanging out. More than ever, it’s time to be your child’s ADVISOR and not just a friend. It is also important that as mothers, we communicate with each other to get stories straight, learn from mistakes and guide our daughters into making correct choices. Words of advice:
1.     Speak with your child DAILY and remind them that they should treat other…

T – 10 hours til launch of

I frantically ran around for three days getting ready to launch: I drove Maria crazy, I made myself crazy, my kids and husband were afraid to talk to me and my dad was not coming to visit me in my little home office as much!
I felt overwhelmed and completely out of my league.  I thought about quitting and not doing this site anymore, I'm so out of my comfort zone!  S**t had not hit the fan yet though, but it did when my entire Word folder ended up in the trash! My husband decided to do a backup this morning and emptied the trashcan where my files were residing!  How the folder ended up in the trashcan is beyond me.
I was so proud to have been working so hard on writing many pieces to share with you all, but then, they were all gone! I cried for an hour and then got this really cool influx of energy that demanded me to stop crying and pick myself up.
“Those stories were not good enough anyway," I kept telling myself. I emailed my friend/LuckyBesties editor, Lisa P, and she ta…

Life Is Full Of Pleasures - Cyndi's top 10


Getting Back To The (Very Good) Grind By Hillary

It occurred to me as I sat watching the 2010 Academy Awards with tears streaming down my face, that I missed working in the entertainment industry.  The tears were not for the lovely, heartfelt speeches or the fact that I was so happy that two of my favorite people were hosting (Steve Martin/Alec Baldwin) but for my sadness at a loss of potential career that I had put on the very back burner of my life stove.
It was during these tears that I decided to approach my husband about going back to work.  But it wouldn’t be so easy.
I had been at the top of my game as a Senior Writer Producer for Disney Channel, creating awesome, fun commercials and behind the scenes pieces for the channel’s shows and original movies.  I had helped launch Playhouse Disney! But during this heyday, I met and fell in love with my husband Rick. He swept me off my career feet and after we married I decided to chuck it all and move to San Diego to raise a family.
Trust me… I do not regret ANYTHING I have done and…

Photography 101 by Cyndi

I was given my first camera when I was just a teenager. It was a birthday gift from my parents in the early 80's. A Cannon SLR with two lenses and its own carrying case. I hadn't asked for a camera, but it turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever received. 
I'm not a professional photographer, but I probably take photography a little more seriously than your average bear.
Since those early days of bulky SLR cameras that used real film, the selection and availability of cameras have increased exponentially. Today, most of us have a camera with us at all times, on our smart phones, and these devices can take really beautiful snapshots. In fact, I probably take more photos with my phone camera than with my little point and shoot or my digital Nikon SLR, simply because I have my phone with me always. You never know when inspiration might hit you!
When I was asked to contribute to LuckyBesties, I wasn't quite sure where to start. There is so much about photography th…