Unleash Your Inner...Wisdom

My husband’s grandfather, Bill, was one of my best friends, our connection felt like it was from birth. It was one of the most beautiful and wise friendships I've ever had--an admirable man with omnivorous enthusiasm to learn. Even at the tender age of ninety-one right before he died, he was so curious about life. He wanted to meet new people and hear their stories; he made everyone feel special. He never judged or argued in a dishonorable way. He was from a different time and a gem to our family.

I just turned forty-four this month and one of my birthday wishes was to be able to tap into that part of me that can be just as curious as grandpa Bill, and have empathy for all the people that have different views of the world, especially during our country's delicate political times. Our country, like most of the world, is facing so many challenges because we may have lost our curiosity and reverence for each of our stories and struggles. I wish our elders guided us to more empathetic and dignified ways of treating each other. I wish there were more grandpa Bill’s standing up for reverence, dignity, empathy, and curiosity for their fellow being’s stories and struggles. Not realizing that when we rule our lives with what Don Miguel Ruiz calls, “self-made laws, personal judgments, and mental intimidation,” we’re also projecting that into the world.

Birthday wishes aside, my everyday wish is that I can be kinder to myself--to stop living in my head so much, but most importantly to stop following self-made laws and judging my actions so harshly when I fall short, because only then will I be able to project kindness to those around me. I think grandpa Bill would tell me that I need to give myself a break when I lose my curiosity for other’s stories and struggles and to try to do better without beating myself up about it. We all need a break from the chaos of the changing political scenery and unkindness. Let's turn away from our egos and turn inward for self-care and love. In a sense, a wish has come true—the granting of guidance from my wise elder--reminding me that curiosity, dignity, empathy, and reverence for all are the keys to keeping humanity's love story moving along.

In hope, I am fearless.



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