I Love That For You!

I was shopping at a small store when a baby started screaming loudly and then started wailing, tears flowed, her hair partly covered her face, she completely fell apart. She had the attention of every person at the quaint store! I was having a tough day with a massive list of things to do, Thanksgiving a day away, a friend in the hospital, and my demanding teenagers calling and texting asking for my attention. I looked at the baby’s mom and said I wish I could burst into tears just like the baby to bring relief to my pent-up emotions and feel heard! She was almost in tears herself, so we both smiled in agreement and continued to shop. When I got back to my car, Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Time after Time” started playing on the radio and I burst into tears. I’ve loved that song since I was in middle school and it always reminds me of the simpler days of my younger years. I needed a release and found it in my car while listening to one of my favorite songs! I felt so good after I cried for a few minutes. It sucks to feel the need to have permission from anyone to release emotions, but I'm working on it.

My daughter recently said to me, “I love that for you,” when I told her that I had gone to an exercise class. Her words made me feel good, and they make a great new mantra--“I love these tears for you,” “I love this break for you,” and I let the waterworks flow, or I stop to take deep breaths and give myself a break! Why keep it together? It’s easier to release the pressure from my emotions and cry or breathe deeply into whatever I’m feeling and acknowledge that it’s there. I don’t necessarily need to have a solution for everything but releasing the pressure valve to let the steam out is self-love at its best! Sometimes, not always, it's as simple as this. It’s the holiday season, and we all need a break and maybe a little cry…I love that for you and me!

In hope...I am fearless.



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