4-Day Alignment With My Soul

 "Our job while we’re in the Earth School is to align our personalities with our souls. And we do that by becoming the personality that has the same intentions of the soul--harmony, and cooperation, and sharing and reverence for life." – Gary Zukav

the hill across from our rooms
community tables
It’s been two weeks since Elizabeth Gilbert & Cheryl Strayed's Brave Magic seminar at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley. And I've remained on a quest since then to figure out all that was stirred up in my heart and mind. I kept writing about it trying to figure it out, and yesterday, Gary Zukav described my transformation perfectly when I heard his podcast with Oprah on the Super Soul Conversations as he explained what it's like to connect with the Soul. Gary’s description of our personalities having the same intentions of the Soul by being in harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life, was what went on in the four days I was at 1440 Multiversity! I was in harmony with nature, in cooperation with authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed, I shared my writings with many others…And at the end, there was reverence for life, nature, myself and others! I experienced alignment of my human personality with the divinity of my Soul. The innocent excitement is as pure as my experience as a kid when I learned to ride a bike! Once you get the pedals down and balance the handlebars, all you want to do is ride until the sun sets. And that's exactly how I want to end every day of my life--with excitement for creating fertile ground with good intentions that connect with my Soul.

Mother Tree
There was so much love in the room where six hundred of us spent time doing writing exercises and sharing them with complete strangers. I have a journal full of beautiful words I wrote and shared, and Cheryl and Elizabeth guided us as we cooperated with each other. Reverence and love was the dominant tone the entire weekend. Liz and Cheryl spoke beautifully about their life experiences and inspired us to embrace every bit of ourselves. During breaks, we could go to yoga, Tai Chi or sound meditation to help us feel even more connected. We hiked in a forest of redwood trees where I fell in love with Mother Tree (a 1,200 year old redwood tree,) our Earth School (as Gary Zukav calls it) was definitely a piece of heaven hidden among the redwood trees of Scotts Valley. The community tables were filled at every meal with complete strangers that were there for different reasons and ended up leaving with pages filled with hope, inspiration, goodness, and connection. As for me, I came home with all that and a glimpse of the beauty and love that is my soul.

In hope...I am fearless.



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