Walking Down Memory Lane

My family moved from my hometown thirty-three years ago, and I haven’t been back since! My grandmother has been ill, and in her fragile state, she’s been reminiscing of our time in our beloved neighboring towns. As much as my grandmother and I have romanticized the memories of what once was, I’m drawn to see what life is like in our towns. I've watched many videos lately and have looked at hundreds of pictures posted online. Going down memory lane has given me a deep sense of gratitude for my life, makes me feel grounded, and gives me a sense of truly belonging to myself, no matter where I am.

Strangely, this has made me feel spiritually reconnected to the land and culture of the town. This is a joy that compares to reconnecting with an old friend and proudly sharing how we’ve grown. To be reminded of the small town simplicity and humility that was part of my life so long ago has been an unexpected awakening of awareness.

After so many weeks of reminiscing on my own and with my grandma, I have newfound appreciation for my journey that started in a beautiful place and led me to many other beautiful places that have truly enriched my life. It is as if I’m having remote spiritual healing for my parched lingering roots, looking to reconnect with home base. Anne Lamott once said, “The movement of grace is what changes us, heals us, and heals our world.” The now harmony between my two worlds feels like a significant and loving change that after thirty-three years, finally frames my worldview in a much beautiful way. The flow of grace is what keeps humanity’s love story alive, and it's what keeps an expanding view of our world a lovely sight to see and experience.

In hope, I am fearless.



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