Memories That Have Served Their Purpose

While having lunch with an old friend I started to reminisce about a big celebration that took place at our workplace over a decade ago. I kept bringing up memory after memory and nothing came up for her. She had no recollection of any of it. I was in disbelief that such a meaningful celebration didn't stay with her. A few weeks later, I started to compile a memory book for a friend. I asked a group of our friends to send photos to help put the book together. As photos started to come through email, I’d open them with zero recollection of where or what we were doing! Just weeks before I’d made fun of my friend not recalling an event, here I was, drawing a blank about some of the photos received. I started to think back and realized a few things--so much happens daily, when multiplied by an entire year, end up adding up to more than thousands of memories. How could I possibly believe that I’ll remember everything? And, how could I remember something from so long ago when I haven’t revisited it in years? But most importantly, while putting it in perspective, the event had meant more to me than my friend.

A few years back, I would recall a memory because it had either made me happy, sad, angry, resentful or regretful, and I'd hold the memory hostage looking to find resolve or hoping for the happiness to never end. But something has shifted in the last few years, I've evolved, matured and have become more forgiving of others and myself. I don’t hold as many memories hostage because of unresolved issues or because I don't want the happiness to end! It's a newly discovered freedom that I didn’t know I needed but I’m happy to have found. Living in the moment is where happiness lives and where I'd rather be.

In hope, I am fearless.



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