Tuned In

This past week I visited Highlands Ranch, a suburb of Denver Colorado. For months, I looked forward to spending most of the visit outdoors. As I arrived, the expansive scenery of the Rocky Mountains, green pastures, and deep blue skies struck a cord in my heart. My initial instinct was to embrace nature which then heightened the sense of continuous meditation in the rolling green hills and majestic mountains.

One afternoon, while driving to the store the sun started to set, a beautiful display of different colors in the sky was mesmerizing. Thirty minutes later, the sunset left behind a midnight blue sky, brightly lit by the moon.

The following day, on an afternoon walk, I noticed a drove of horses by our walking trail. I walked up to the fence as the wind chimed in the air in perfect rhythm with the birds singing. Only to be highlighted by the Golden Hour. Free of thought, I stopped taking photos and became more attuned to the present moment. The wind whispered even more beautiful tunes as the sun disappeared into the Rocky Mountains, and for the first time in a long time, I felt the uninhibited freedom and humility of being alive.

In hope, I am fearless.



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