Wonder Comes From a New Perception

“Wonder comes from a new perception. Wonder fades with repetition. All that’s needed to create wonder is the intention to let things be new. Open yourself to the possibility of perceiving and feeling your world differently.” -Deepak Chopra

The last time I was in New York City, I was there on business and stayed for a whopping twenty-two hours. A couple of weeks ago, I was there to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and got to be a tourist. It was a different city--it was thrilling seeing it anew. It was my daughter’s first time there and it was my first time as a real tourist. The city was a true wonder to our new sets of eyes!

I have been to the city so many times for work and always drove by in a cab or walked by quickly, dismissing the beautiful landmarks, trying to get to meetings without stopping to take it all in. I could have easily been dismissive and jaded this time around about the intensely beautiful and cultural elements that pop out at you at every turn. It was an even bigger gift to my daughter than intended because we were both on a thrilling adventure together, with a few perks of me knowing the city just a little more, but nevertheless, wondrous.

We happily wandered around the entire city, eating, visiting landmarks and laughing at every wrong turn we took. I was inspired by the openness of the new world of New York City. A few weeks after I got home, I heard a segment of Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Experience™ about letting wonder create a new perception. I paused the meditation and squealed and jumped around saying, “I did that in NYC! I practiced and I achieved opening myself up to perceiving the massive and beautiful city of Manhattan with new eyes.” Wow! It was a pure and relentless wonder! And my trip was complete when I found the t-shirt in this picture. Cheers to being phenomenal and having a constant flow of new perception so that you can find wonder all around.

In hope, I am fearless.



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