New Year Rituals
I saw so many wonderful posts on social media for rituals to end the year by making lists of what you wanted to leave behind in 2016 and burning the list, and then burning sage to clear the energy in the air. There were other posts about rituals to start off the New Year with new affirmations. I was truly inspired by a few of the posts, so I created my own. I made a list of things, people, habits, cycles, situations, and memories I wanted to leave behind in 2016 and burned the list, and then burned sage. I said a few prayers while looking up at the stars and just sat in complete stillness. After the burning of the lists, I felt a sense of relief but felt like I needed more so I sat in meditation for about 20 minutes. I felt such a sense of peace and calm that literally lasted a few days.

This was such a wonderful experience that I’m going to do my list-burning, prayer, and meditation ritual every three months. My list was six pages long at the end of the year and I forgot so many things, so it’s best to release bad energy, people, and situations every few months, instead of every year. Here’s to the release of bad energy every few months! I wish you a clean slate and a wonderful start to the New Year! Cheers and Namaste.



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