Finding Light When Darkness Tries To Overshadow

In the midst of so many tragedies happening around the world -- some are plastered all over the media and others will never come to light, I found myself once again questioning the direction of humanity. Every week there’s one national headline of tragedies that have struck communities and inflicted so much pain on many others watching. Some people sympathize and others wholeheartedly empathize with the victims and the community impacted. I’m an empathizer and always find myself feeling the limited heartache that I can only feel without really knowing what it’s like for those suffering – and that limited heartache hurts as hell, it stings, it makes me cry, it makes lose faith and hope, it gives me nightmares, but with a small spurt of a light, hope shows up in the people around the world that help to embrace the victims. It helps me see the good in people and my faith is restored by those who step up and show how much they care by helping people heal with a small embrace, or by donating money or time, or by those who advocate for hope and kindness.

With grief come empathy, kindhearted people, and sympathy, so ultimately love does prevail – even in the darkness of such terrible tragedies, love for the human race outshines the hate and loss of hope that one, or a few individuals, have lost and are showing it by hurting the collective heart of our human race. I hope that we never get desensitized to the violence. I hope we continue to give humanity a ray of light and hope, each time a tragedy happens, better yet, I hope tragedies stop happening around the world altogether. I hope and pray for our human race, so that we always choose love over hate and revenge, and that even when times are scary, we choose to step out of the darkness and find light in the world around us. Namaste.



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