Imagination, Fearlessly Diving Into The Limitless...

Lack of imagination has been a topic popping up on my social media feed this week. Here’s an excerpt from Elizabeth Gilbert's Facebook post about our lack of imagination; The human imagination is literally a limitless canvas, and you can't even summon up a picture of a future for yourself that might be better than this cycle of endless pain?

You can't even IMAGINE it?

Same thing when you say that you can't imagine your life without cigarettes. Or that you can't imagine how you could ever go through a day without needing a drink. Or that you can't imagine how you could ever leave that degrading job and find something better. Or that you can't imagine not spending Christmas with your family, even though you always leave the event in tears and shame, because they are toxic, cruel people, who never miss a chance to eviscerate you. Or that you can't imagine exploring new pathways to divinity, even though the religion you were raised with has become a mind-prison. Or that you can't imagine ever getting out of debt. Or that you can't imagine giving yourself permission to explore your creativity, or your sexuality. Or that you can't imagine ever leaving your town to go live somewhere else.

Why are you keeping your imagination on such a short leash, when all it wants to do is soar and explore?

Why can you not imagine something better for your life? Why can you not imagine that the universe — in all its infinite possibilities — might not have something else in store for you besides more misery, stagnation, and suffering?

Why can you not imagine that perhaps you were not made to white-knuckle your way through life, but perhaps to actually enjoy it?

And then this popped up on Deepak Chopra’s site: Deepak Chopra discusses the metaphor of the butterfly to suggest worlds of possibility inherent in our consciousness that can facilitate our own transformation. What future have you imagined for yourself?

After reading Elizabeth and Deepak’s posts, I had a quick and easy answer on why I don’t imagine a richer life for myself…Fear is what keeps me from imagining! I’m afraid that I’ll tip off the balance, bad will come or overshadow the good, or that I’ll sabotage the good because I’m accustomed to just having a sufficient enough life. I wonder how I can be selfish to want freedom in my creativity, financial status and love when others around the world are suffering. Jealousy and entitlement are also great fears, I worry they will overcome my friends and family and will sabotage my efforts because they can’t imagine a great life for themselves. My fears stunt my imagination-growth!

Many of the most important women in my life have been the leaders of this messed up movement. They have embraced fear instead of imagination and worthiness. They have become jealous bullies when something amazing happens to me, or I’m having a great day or week. They pick on me when they’re afraid I’m getting more than what they have or what they think I deserve. How could I have learned any different than what I have experienced? That’s the beauty of imagination. With the encouragement of the words of Elizabeth Gilbert and Deepak Chopra, I’m feeling empowered and courageous to imagine becoming a better role model to my daughter, son, best friends, friends, relatives and myself! I can imagine freely and uninhibited! And better yet, I can imagine never having fear or losing faith that when my dreams and hopes don’t come to fruition right away, it’s not because I’m not worthy, it’ll be because it’s in the works, something better is coming, or it’s not yet meant for me. Moving forward, I can only imagine a better and brighter future that can happen if I imagine my faith growing, my heart opening up to amazing experiences, and an open mind to see it all clearly. Can you imagine fearlessly diving into the limitless grace and beauty that the Universe has to offer? I now can! Namaste.


PS - I dedicate this piece to my best friend, Jen, who is celebrating a birthday today. I wish her limitless imagination for an amazing life, today and always. Happy Birthday Jen Bug! I love you. xo


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