Dissatisfaction Causes Movement

Dissatisfaction has always driven me to unimaginable places and circumstances in my life! When I was in college, I worked at an office that was as corporate as you can imagine. Our work areas and building had a funky sterile feel to them and everyone was uptight. My boss would take notice and interest in the amount of times I went to the bathroom, talked on the phone and typed on my computer. If something were not to her liking she would bring it up to my attention, in front of everyone. As a young college kid, I wanted to have co-workers my age but most importantly less uptight.

When I received an unexpected school grant check at the beginning of a semester, I was out of there! I turned in my two-week notice and I was out the door and free! Every last dime was budgeted so I could spend as much time as possible without needing to get a job. Those few months were heavenly! For the first time in a couple of years, I was able to be a fulltime student without the added pressure of a fulltime job.  Then one morning I woke up to $3 in my bank account, my rent check had cleared but my utilities and groceries still needed to be paid for that month; I needed to find a job yesterday. Dissatisfaction of my financial status at the time, led me to find a job in a day! The job was with a company in an industry I would have never thought of applying for.

Two years after starting that job, I was dissatisfied with the heavy workload and little pay, so I confided that to a few friends at other companies, one of the people was a colleague who had worked at a company we did lots of business with, and the other person was my friend Dyanne, who happened to be leaving her position at a big entertainment company and suggested to her boss that she interview me. I was hired for the position that same day of my interview! At the tender age of 22, I had a job with great pay, travel to New York to meet with clients, and many amazing benefits that absolutely turned my life upside down. Shortly after starting that job, that other colleague I confided in, asked me out on a date and we ended up marrying four years after meeting!

Dissatisfaction of certain situations birthed my career, my marriage, my children, my crazy and scary career move into writing, and the biggest enlightening moments of my life! Dissatisfaction is a sign of movement in our consciousness that needs to be revered, heard and embraced without a negative connotation. It’s the beginning of a great transition in life. Every big dissatisfaction in my life introduced me to the most vulnerable, drop-to-my-knees, terrifying changes of my life, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade the tough transitions, for the safety of the state in which I lived in when I was engulfed in the misery of dissatisfaction. Namaste.



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