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My daughter asked me how I could sit down and write a story so fast. I chuckled because most of the time it’s not easy to write a story, let alone do it “fast”. I told her that she sees the completed work appear out of thin air, but doesn’t get to see how many times I had to edit my work or maybe start over again. I told her that at times, I’m not always courageous enough to write what I’m really feeling, or if I do write it I’m afraid to publish it. But for the most part, I end up putting my work out and try not to over-think it too much. She looked surprised to hear me say this because she thinks I’m fearless, which is sweet to hear, but untrue. So I clarified that I’m not fearless, but I choose to push through my fears in order to live the most authentic life I can live. I told her that it takes time to get past the fear, and ultimately creativity always wins, but it’s never without a fight.

So, I was reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s post on Facebook about a question she was asked about how to teach kids to be brave at expressing their creativity. She shared advice she heard Pastor Rob Bell give someone about kids not hearing what we say to them, instead they learn when we SHOW them. Elizabeth’s post gave me hope (and a little boost of confidence) that my daughter is learning bits here and there about being creatively brave by watching me do it. Fingers crossed! - Fabiola

Here are excerpts from her post: For entire post visit ElizabethGilbert.com
Recently, I gave a speech about creativity. Afterward, I was approached by a woman who asked me for advice about how she (as a loving mother) could teach her young children to be more brave about expressing their own creativity.

Whenever people ask me for parenting advice, I get nervous, because I'm not a mother myself. I don't know a thing about the high-stakes adventure of raising children.

But in this case, I remembered something I'd heard my friend Pastor Rob Bell (who is, in fact, a parent) say to a woman who'd asked him how she could raise her children to be more spiritually-minded, grateful for their blessings, and joyful.

Rob said, "Your kids don't learn from what you tell them; they learn from what you SHOW them. Kids tend to go deaf when you try to sit down and teach them an important life lesson, using words. But they are constantly watching your behavior. If you want more spiritual kids, let them see by your example what living a more spiritual life looks like. If you want your kids to be more grateful, show them what gratitude looks like. If you want your kids to learn joy, let them see you pursuing joy in your own life." Thank you, Rob!

Thanks to him, I was able to say to this woman, "If you want more creatively courageous kids, let them see by your example what creative courage looks like. Model it for them. Take a dance class, even if it's outside your comfort zone. Sing in public, even though it's scary. Let your children watch you try to learn how to paint watercolors. Let them see you get up an hour early every day to write that the book you've been working on. Be creatively brave, and they will get the message that they can be creatively brave, too. -Elizabeth Gilbert


  1. Thank you for posting this! I really enjoyed reading it :)
    I agree with what you said about teaching people through your actions. Christ did that all His life, and that is how I strive to live! My little sister is definitely like that, sometimes she will come into my room before bed and see me reading my scriptures, and now I find her reading before bed too :) It is so precious :)
    I can't wait to see how much she has learned and grown when I get back home this December :)
    What inspires you, if I may ask?

    I hope you have a wonderful day! God bless you~

  2. Thank you, Sister Bower. It sounds like you're a good role model for your little sister.

    I'm inspired by amazing people in my life, so I sit in nature and write about my experiences. Have a beautiful day. Blessings to you and your little sister. -Fabiola


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