Seminal moments….

I’ve had amazing seminal moments in my life! None of which I acknowledged or recognized as game changers when they were happening. What seemed to be imperfect situations, “bad” decisions, and broken dreams, all shaped 40 years of my life. I couldn’t see all of those fragments coming together to complete important pieces of my life, or making any sense years later, but they did and continue to do so. 

A year ago, I started to forgive myself for what seemed to be bad decisions in the past, and when I painfully started to take ownership of my mistakes and chose to learn from them; the fog cleared up and things in the past started to make sense and I was able to make peace with the past.

What was once a belief system that all of life situations and circumstances happen, and life goes on without taking notice, is now a renewed belief system where I now see the past starting to make sense. And making peace with the past was a process that helped dissipate the pain that kept me from seeing how it’s all intricately intertwined. So now, I view everything in my life as “work in progress” or “pieces of artwork” that painful or not, will only make sense if I have the patience and forgiveness to allow the whole picture to reveal itself when the time is right. But most importantly, I’m learning to be grateful for every moment, situation, and circumstance that happens because it’s unboundedly shaping my future. So, what is my new task? To find light within the dark moments, and refuse to become ungrateful, even when things aren’t making sense. Namaste.