Plantar Warts Suck!

(here's what the Plantar Wart looks like without the scab)

My daughter kept complaining about a splinter on the bottom of her foot. Took a look at it and it seemed like a small irritation or small cut on the bottom of her foot, but nothing that Neosporin couldn't cure. Weeks later, a wart showed up and it was right under her foot bone, causing pain when she walked. Our pediatrician sent us to a podiatrist that gave us VerruStat and asked for her to use a pumice stone to lightly scrub her foot every night. Months later, we were still on the same boat, except a little cash poor because of the bi-weekly co-pays to see the doctor, and not much had improved.

I finally realized that the podiatrist was too conservative and we needed a pro-active doctor to care of  this painful nuisance. I called my own podiatrist and he was very proactive (should have gone to him in the first place), he used an in-house formula to burn the wart, it bubbled up and that night we bust the blister open to let the liquid out. Two days later, the blister was cut off and we were able to see what was underneath the entire time (picture above - sorry it's so gross)! It was a nasty double-plantar wart on her foot that would have taken years to heal if we had taken the traditional route., Dr. Gevorgian of (Burbank Foot & Ankle) also prescribed an oral medication commonly used for stomach issues, but also fights off the Plantar Wart (it's a virus) internally. He said that the medication attacks the virus and together with the liquid-medicine that burned the wart, it's a match made in heaven! We can already see a huge difference. So, the wart is going to keep getting smaller with this treatment, and then, another round of the same treatment will be administered in a few weeks and that should do it! Whew!

It's mind blowing that so many people we've talked to have Plantar Warts that they've had for a year or more, and they live with the pain and have even gotten them surgically removed several times, but they come back! Which is why I wrote this story, to let all of our readers know about our personal experience, and that there are different ways of proactively getting rid of Plantar Warts, so choose a doctor that is proactive and is using innovative ways to get rid of the warts, instead of just giving topical medicines that will take long time to work. Our story is personal to us and our results may be different than yours, so please talk to a doctor (or two) and get options on what is the best treatment for you. Happy healing!



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