Celebrate Good Times...Come On'

Last night was our done-with-chemo celebration for my friend Allie. We went to our favorite sushi place and then to a Karaoke bar. Such a fun night! There was definitely a sense of relief as we all chatted at dinner and then butchered two songs at the Karaoke bar, because Allie was finally done with chemo. Allie’s doing radiation for a month but chemo is d-o-n-e! We celebrate all of the treatments she completes, but last night was the happiest celebration since she got diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer.

Mari, Jen, Heather and I, have been by Allie’s side throughout her entire battle, what a tough battle it’s been! I can cry just thinking about the day we sat in her living room looking at the diagnosis papers in disbelief, and the times we cried hoping that her body would be strong enough to fight the horrible battle ahead.  The time we sat in the waiting room as I watched her hold her 11-year-old daughter in her arms, waiting to go into surgery to remove both of her breasts. Watching her be attached to a machine during her first chemo treatment at the cancer center, and then calling Allie’s mom to ask if she had stopped vomiting from the side affects of her first treatment. I remember desperately trying to hold my tears in when Allie shed her one and only tear, when her head was being shaved. Listening to her in distress when she had a harder than usual day, during her chemo cycles. And the financial burden this has been for her, she's the sole breadwinner. All of these memories flashed before my eyes as I watched her laugh and sing at the Karaoke bar.  Needless to say, I was in tears at the end of the night from the joy and excitement of her accomplishments. She deserves to have fun and let loose after 9 horrible months of battling cancer.

Allie's cancer is a triple negative, it’s a tougher type of cancer to beat, and she’s beating it! So, while I almost peed my pants laughing during our rendition of Sweet Caroline, I looked over at Allie and could see her glow back. I saw that twinkle in her eyes, and I could tell that she realizes that she’s won the battle! The girls went kicking and screaming as I dragged them to the Karaoke bar, but we needed to find a way to be silly, happy, and let loose, and what better place than that?  We courageously let ourselves be crazy-happy after such a tough time in Allie’s life. And, as you can see…mission accomplished! Cheers!



  1. Rock on party girl :)
    I have learned a lot going through this inconvenience called cancer, but the best lesson was who my true friends are.
    You, my friend, are truly my sister friend .
    love you xoxoxo


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