Every day is Monday... by Christine

Every day is Monday… and it’s time to spring clean. I had a success two weeks ago, but this last week I had a setback. The ups and downs of the scale are probably something everyone feels no matter how many pounds you are looking to lose. Each day we start with a new outlook to make today a better day. If you are spring cleaning your home, don’t forget to start with the refrigerator. Anytime there are holidays or a social event, I need to schedule time with my refrigerator and the large black trash bag. I know some people hate to waste food. So you have to ask yourself, is eating unhealthy food more of waste than putting it in the garbage? Would you force the person you love to eat something unhealthy just to avoid throwing it away? It’s important to love yourself enough to take leftover cookies, cakes, chips and dip and toss them in the garbage. Some of these snack foods find their way into your home and now they need to move out.

The next step is to take a trip to the store. With all that empty space in the fridge, you need stock up on produce and healthy options. After this most recent refrigerator clean out, I then had room for a large bowl of fresh  fruit salad. The great summer fruits are starting to show up again in the stores. Pineapple has been at a great price the last couple of weeks. It’s a great fruit to cut and mix with cantaloupe and fresh bananas for a tropical flavor. You can even add a little shredded coconut or chopped nuts. What are your ideas for great fresh fruit salad combos?

Happy cleaning.


  1. I like watermelon and cantaloupe with a little lemon and chili pepper. Sweet, sour and spicy!! Yum!


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