T – 10 hours til launch of LuckyBesties.com

I frantically ran around for three days getting ready to launch: I drove Maria crazy, I made myself crazy, my kids and husband were afraid to talk to me and my dad was not coming to visit me in my little home office as much!

I felt overwhelmed and completely out of my league.  I thought about quitting and not doing this site anymore, I'm so out of my comfort zone!  S**t had not hit the fan yet though, but it did when my entire Word folder ended up in the trash! My husband decided to do a backup this morning and emptied the trashcan where my files were residing!  How the folder ended up in the trashcan is beyond me.

I was so proud to have been working so hard on writing many pieces to share with you all, but then, they were all gone! I cried for an hour and then got this really cool influx of energy that demanded me to stop crying and pick myself up.

“Those stories were not good enough anyway," I kept telling myself. I emailed my friend/LuckyBesties editor, Lisa P, and she talked me down from the ledge. I can’t help to shed a tear here and there, grieving the loss of my files, but I'm choosing to be a big girl and move on from such a dumb and unnecessary accident.

May those stories find their way to light again and may they all be even better than the first draft.

See you on the flip side, lost files (tear, tear)!

- Fabiola


  1. Lost files shows your true geniune nature...move forward. Thank you for being a supportive friend and for this great new site!


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