Good vibrations...

When the infinite vibrates. The worlds appear to emerge. When it does not vibrate the worlds appear to submerge.” -Deepak Chopra

A friend was taking her baby to a daycare that wasn’t working out for him. He was unable to sleep and it was hard to continue taking him to a place where he was so unhappy so she started looking into other places. I mentioned to her that when my son was younger, there were lots of kids in his class that wouldn’t nap. I’d volunteer often in his class and was able to tell which kids had adjusted to the rhythm of the class and which hadn’t. I suggested for her to pay close attention the rhythm of the facility because he’ll most likely connect with that rhythm too. And if anything was off, to try to pick the closest place that vibes with her the most.

I didn’t realize it then, but I was trying to describe what Deepak Chopra quoted in one of his meditations about vibrations. A happy world emerges when we connect to the vibration of a place or group of people. And when we don’t vibe with a place or a person, we end up feeling disconnected and unhappy. I asked her to pay attention to sounds of the daycare and see if she can pinpoint any of the sounds that displease him and could possibly keep him awake. Thankfully, soon after our conversation she found a place she really liked and so did he!

After chatting with my friend and then hearing Deepak Chopra’s meditation about vibrations, I had to look further into what Deepak meant about vibrations. This is what he said on his website, “Sound has been used since the beginning of history to create certain moods in the listener. Different sounds affect people in different ways. With the right sounds, you can align yourself with the vibrations that foster health, happiness, and unity.” A certain mood emerges when we vibe with people and places. My favorite places to frequent and people I enjoy connecting with all have a certain way of making me feel happy and connected. Our energy aligns and authentic worlds emerge! That’s why we have favorites in our lives! Here’s to finding our favorite rhythms most of the time!

In hope, I am fearless.


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