Loving Energy For All Victims of Natural Disasters

North America is in the midst of so many natural disasters. We’ve had fires in Los Angeles and many other cities and states, Hurricane Harvey brought floods to Texas and Louisiana, an 8.2 earthquake in Chiapas, Mexico happened late last night, and Hurricane Irma barreled down the Bahamas and Cuba, and now cycling toward Florida. My heart aches for people, mammals, animals that become victims of such disasters. I whimpered when I read this morning about the death toll in Mexico’s quake. Then, I thought about a video I saw last month of a mama seal that was found on the beach beside her dead baby, wailing and mourning the death. She spent two days by the baby’s side! As a mother, I watched the video holding back tears. Then, fast forward to now and seeing the death toll numbers on TV for all the disasters that have happened lately, and it’s truly overwhelming and heartbreaking. I know it’s hard to include animals and mammals in the death toll numbers for natural disasters, but after the mama seal’s video, I know there has to be a great deal of them. I saw on TV dogs, horses, cows, and cats that were caught in the rising waters in Texas and my heart aches for them. Sadly, those are the unidentified victims of these disasters that are not mourned for.

During the Los Angeles fires, I thought about the animals that had to leave their homes to escape the burning mountains. Along with the rest of the country, I’ve mourned the deaths and casualties from the recent disasters. I’m also in mourning for the animals and mammals that die, suffer, and are displaced. There’s always been a missing piece to the sadness I feel during natural disasters, and this is it, the forgotten victims that are not spoken for. I’ve felt uneasy and unfit at processing all of my emotions during these past few weeks of disasters. It’s all been too much and all within two weeks! So, I ask you to join me and send out loving energy to all of the victims who can’t ask for help during natural disasters and also for those that have perished. And for the people left behind that are mourning their loved ones—be it, people, animals or mammals. Our planet needs care and love. Namaste.


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